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How to keep apartment clean

How to keep apartment clean

A clean living environment promotes better health, both mentally and physically. You may also find that with a clean home, you're better able to focus on tasks and may feel more at ease. Of course, keeping your living space clean can be a challenge when there are other pressing matters in your life. So how do you keep an apartment clean? All you need is the right strategy to keep a clean apartment.

This is your one and only guide for how to keep your apartment clean. Use these tips and tricks to make cleaning and maintaining your apartment easier than ever.

Start By Tackling Clutter

Excess items will always make a space look messy, so the first step to cleaning is to tackle the clutter. Everything should have its place. Get rid of items you no longer use or need; this includes clothes and shoes. You'll be surprised how much you can accumulate over time. This step might take longer, so be sure not to rush it. Go room by room to find items that you no longer need.

Purge a Few Items

Once you've tackled the clutter, you need to get rid of some of it. Make piles of items to donate or sell. Getting these things out of your home will free up some space and make it appear cleaner almost instantly.

But be careful not to fill up your new free space with more items.

Collect the Garbage

A clean apartment means there's no garbage hanging around. Of course, this means taking out the trash from the kitchen and bathroom. But it also means gathering anything you may have lying around. Get rid of any boxes from packages, drink cans, napkins, or wrappers. It's easy to leave these little things behind, but they can make a space look cluttered and dirty.


Instead of leaving your clothes on the floor or in a basket, do your laundry. And once you have your laundry done, be diligent about putting it away rather than letting it sit around. Pine Lake Manor Apartments has a full-size washer/dryer in each apartment.

a laundry basket full of clothes on a white


When you look at your entire apartment that needs to be clean, it can seem overwhelming. One of the best tips for how to clean an apartment is to go room by room and tackle the individual mess. This makes larger cleaning more manageable by breaking it down into smaller tasks. If you're looking for a place to start, bathrooms and kitchens tend to get dirty the easiest. 


After you've removed a lot of the larger items to either get rid of, throw away, or put away, you can start cleaning your floors. Start by sweeping away any large pieces of debris like food, hair, or dust that might have accumulated. (Buy a mop and vacuum if you don't have them.) Consider using a HEPA air filter to help remove particles from the air like dust and pollen. You can also use a robot vacuum to do a thorough sweep around your apartment. With a robot vacuum, you can program it to clean every few days to keep your floors at their cleanest.


The best way to keep up with your cleaning is to have a schedule that you maintain. A cleaning schedule helps to ensure that tasks don't pile up and become unmanageable. They can be especially helpful in small spaces like apartments where a mess becomes noticeable sooner rather than later. You can break a cleaning schedule down into tasks you do daily, weekly, and monthly. Here are a few examples of tasks that you can put in each category to create a schedule.


Daily cleaning should be about removing any visible mess you see. Clean up food debris in the kitchen like splatters, stains, or spills. Wipe down hard surfaces like tables and counters. You can do similar tasks in the bathroom. In your bedroom, pick up clothes, make the bed, and straighten up the space. In the living room, straighten the pillow, fold blankets, and put away anything out of place like remotes or game consoles. Daily, you should also clean up any crumbs or food debris that have fallen on the floor.


You may not notice day to day, but after a week, some clutter may start to accumulate. At the end of the week, take some time to pick up anything that may not be in its place, like books, clothes, and shoes. It's now that you can do some dusting. Wipe off hard surfaces like tables and counters. But don't forget to wipe down the TV and lamps. You can also tackle water rings from glasses or stains you might have missed. Every other week, you can give your floors a good vacuuming. If you have pets or small children, you might need to vacuum more frequently to accommodate their hair or messes.


Monthly tasks are where you get down to the nitty-gritty of cleaning. It's this time that you can do a deep clean to tackle the month's messes and reach spots you might not have thought about the rest of the month. Clean your windows, baseboards, and ceiling fans. Give your appliances a deep cleansing. And don't forget the smaller items like toasters and coffee makers. Wash your showers and toilets until their sparkling. Monthly tasks are larger tasks because it often takes these items longer to get clean. But you'll feel much better once you're in that environment.


One of the best tips to keep an apartment clean is to clean as you live. Instead of leaving tasks until later, do bits of cleaning every day. For example, wash all your dishes, pots, and pans after dinner instead of leaving them in the sink. Wipe down the bathroom counter after washing your face or brushing your teeth. If you clean as you live, it'll make larger cleaning like at the end of the month or week much easier.



After a long day of work, the last thing most people want to do is come home and clean their entire apartment. So if you're wondering how to keep your apartment clean, all you have to do is make a cleaning strategy. Use this guide to help you break down the best way to tackle tasks and create a plan to clean and maintain your home. You'll see the benefits of a clean home almost instantly. Looking for your new apartment home? Visit our Floor Plan page to see your dream home.