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10 Advantages of Apartment Living

If you’re looking to quickly find a home around Keego Harbor, Michigan, you might have been tempted by the idea of either buying a property or renting a whole house. While both of these options do indeed have certain advantages for some people, they also come with no shortage of drawbacks, especially if you want both flexibility and affordable monthly.... [Read More]
September 27, 2021 | Pine Lake Manor | Apartment Tips


How to Keep Your Apartment Clean

A clean living environment promotes better health, both mentally and physically. You may also find that with a clean home, you're better able to focus on tasks and may feel more at ease ... [Read More]
October 20, 2021 | Pine Lake Manor | Apartment Tips


What Uses Gas in an Apartment?

In an apartment, gas may be used as a source of energy for several appliances. A gas stovetop, oven, and dryer are some of the appliances that use energy from natural gas. So, what uses gas in an apartment? Here are common gas-powered appliances ... [Read More]
December 2, 2021 | Pine Lake Manor | Apartment Tips